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    Access Information

    Berkeley Marina and Pier is located next to North Waterfront Park (Cesar E. Chavez Park). It is located at the west end of University Avenue. From Interstate 80 or 580, exit at University Avenue and proceed west.

    BART Stations

    BART Information: 1-510-465-BART

    Bus Services

    AC Transit Information: 1-510-839-2931
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    Park Highlights

    Berkeley Marina and Pier is a big area covered by the Bay Area Bay Trail. Though the trail takes you around the areas of the park, it is up to you to search and discover what each part has hidden. The Marina is a small place where you can watch boats enter and leave. The Pier is a great place to go to fish or watch boats or surfers battle the waves.
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    Featured Photos

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    Virtual Tour of Berkeley Marina and Pier

    Click on a picture to see a larger version.

    Berkeley Marina is a large area where people house their boats. It is also a place where people hang out and launch boats and small crafts (surfboards or rowboats) from.

    The Parks/Marina Office is a great place to stop in and get information about the Park and the Marina. It is also a place where you can gind out how you can get docking privileges.

    There is lots of parking and once out of your car you can hop onto the trail immediately and start your journey.

    Small docks like these are all along the trail. They are available for people who wish to launch surboards, windsurf boards, or small boats from.

    The water of the Bay extends into all the corners of the Marina.

    Small chipmunks hid in the rocks. Can you find one?

    Cross the street to continue on the trail.

    Yachts and houseboats dock in the Berkeley Marina. You can find out how to get docking privileges at the Parks/Marina Office at the Marina.

    The trail proceeds down to grassy knolls along the side of the MArina.

    Flags wave in the wind along the promenade of the Marina.

    More of the promenade along the Berkeley Marina.

    Kites fly in the distance at North Waterfront Park (Cesar E. Chavez Park).

    Berkeley Pier is an extension of the Berkeley Marina.

    The Pier extends a long way out into the ocean.

    The tail takes you directly to the Pier.

    After the fog clears up, one can see across the Bay clearly.

    Many people enjoy what the pier has to offer. Great fishing, restaurants, and fun for family and friends. Some women sit on a large sundial at the entrance to the pier.

    Some people pose for a picture in front of a statue of a Native American on an animal.

    A slight overcast hides the Bay Bridge.

    Some people fishing catch a little crab.

    The city skylind adds to the spectacular view off the pier.

    A sailboat begins its journey out into the Bay.

    A man fishes off Berkeley Pier.

    The long pier is never-ending.

    A gull sits atop a lamp that lights the pier at night.

    A speedboat and other sailboats embark onto the Bay.

    Another man waits for a bite from a hungry fish.
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